Friday, November 20, 2009

Teenage sarcasm

Our Student Council does an Attitude of Gratitude right before Thanksgiving. Students are given slips of paper to thank people at the school for their hard work. They can thank teachers, adminstrators, custodians, lunch ladies, whoever makes the school function. We've done this for years. While the majority of students are genuine, I always have a few students who don't like being "told" to be thankful, and write sarcastic ones under the guise of being thankful. Two such ones:

This one was to me: Thanks for making me rewrite my article 10 times. It probably made me a better writer. Said student ignored 9 times my suggestions for revision, and finally changed them the tenth time.

This one is to a math teacher: Thanks for being so strict with texting, eating and drinking in your class. You are right: Texting has no place in your math class. Why should we text? Obviously everyone who I would text is already in our class. From a Random Student. Oh, gotta love the teenage sarcasm.

Bobby is working on weekend, so it is just me and the girls. Looking forward to tonight, though...girls night out with some friends, then we are going to see New Moon. Moderately excited about it--more excited about hanging out with friends!

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