Saturday, November 7, 2009

Oh, Kaylin.

How I love you...even though you are a serious goofball.

She can make friends with a light post, but it seems as though keeping and connecting with those friends is harder for her. Macy has a close group of friends at her school, and I really want that for Kaylin as well. She got involved in a Daisy group, but none are from her school. And there are only 6 other girls in her kindergarten class--that makes it difficult.

A couple weeks ago one of them attempted to spend the night. Attempted is the key word--she made it until 9:30 before I had to call her mom. Little Kaylin was bossy as all get out, and no amount of redirection would curb it. Little Girl cried and cried, and had no desire to spend the night anymore.

Kaylin cried her little heart out, and we've discussed at length the bossy personality.

Tonight we're trying it with another little girl. Macy is at a friends house around the corner, so it's just the two of them. Kaylin is just as bossy as ever, but this little girl is handling it better. She's dishing it out as much as Kaylin. Right now they are running circles around me playing freeze tag. I think this one might make it all night.

And now for the funny story that inspired me to call KK a goofball: Kaylin had two pieces of pizza left over from last night. One was half-eaten by her last night, the other a full piece. She took both pieces to her friend, and of course offered the half-eaten one to her. Her comment?

"My dogs ate off this, but it's okay. You can have what's left."

Update at 10:53--girls sacked out in the living room.

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