Thursday, December 29, 2011

fun on break

I love making the most of our Christmas break. Fun mixed with REST. I haven't set my alarm for a week, and don't plan to until Tuesday morning.

So yesterday's agenda was roller skating with a group from church. We cleaned the living room in the morning, then headed out. Macy got her skates and was off--didn't see her much for the next two hours. I stayed with Kaylin. We hadn't even made halfway around when she fell, grabbing me and pulling me down in the process. She sobbed and sobbed and sobbed. I forced to finish the loop; can't exactly stop on a skating rink. She sat down on a table and cried. After a bit, this mean mom forced her to go back out, and she cried through another loop. Eventually she settled down and went around a couple times by herself. Later Bobby mentioned that she might have gotten a concussion due to the size of the knot on the back of her head. Felt a little guilty when he said that, but oh well.

Today was a beautiful day for December 29, and we went hiking with my sister and niece. Went farther than we had intended, but it was fine. Kaylin stopped frequently for "pretzel breaks", but it was a beautiful day and a nice hike.

Tomorrow's agenda? Not sure. Macy wants to go fishing on Saturday with the new fishing pole Santa brought.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I'm still here!

Well, well, well. Who was going to be a better blogger? Oh, that's right, me.

How do you catch up on the last month where you have basically not blogged at all? You really can't. But I will try a bulleted list, in no particular chronological order.

1. Macy was a reindeer in her drama club play. Cutest little reindeer.
2. Girls had a choir performance at church. Macy had a solo. She has a sweet little voice.
3. Bobby's been working a lot, between the winery and the fire station.
4. Bobby surprised me with the newest iPhone for Christmas. I am in love with it--old one was soooooo slow and updated. Love this super fast new one!
5. Girls had a great Christmas. Spending time with family is so important, and we did a lot of it!
6. Basketball practice has started for Macy. Yeah.
7. Basketball practice for Kaylin has not started yet. Yeah.
 8. New Year's Eve is at our house again. I'm thinking of just making things from Pinterest.
9. I haven't ran since the half-marathon. Time to get back on the wagon!

That's it for now. Once again, setting a goal to keep this updated. See, my students found this for a bit, and that was awkward. But they have short memories, and have moved on. Also, I like to tell funny stories about the girls. However, they are getting old enough that they recognize this, and I respect their privacy. We'll see what happens as we move forward.


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Getting our Christmas tree

One of my favorite family traditions is going to the tree farm to chop down our tree. Even though Bobby wanders all over and takes 20 hours to find the tree, it's fun. This year, though, we found it quickly and were in and out fast.
The girls and Santa. The same Santa has been there for the 7 years we've been coming here.
Lots of horsing around while picking the tree

Macy and Bobby on the hayride up to the field
Me and Kaylin on the hayride

Even though we found the tree quickly, and it is outwardly pretty, it has been my least favorite tree. Something is different with the branches, and the ornaments keep sliding off and won't stay on. We keep finding ornaments at the bottom of the tree. Oh well, it's still pretty, and I would take it and the experience over a store-bought tree anyday!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thanksgiving Day...way late

Here's Macy with the shot I get every Thanksgiving--- watching HER parade.

We spent the day with my parents. While it was quiet and I usually like busy, it was a nice, relaxing day and I think grandparents and grandchildren both enjoyed spending time together.  Here's my mom instrcuting Macy about the parts of a turkey.

Showing her some part of the turkey...
Macy picking out the innards of the turkey. Yes, that bag with turkey innards is still in our freezer.
Kaylin had a nice round of basketball with my dad in the driveway. It was so nice to see him able to go out and play with her outside.

Macy showing Grandpa the bag with turkey guts..

Macy and the turkey heart
Kaylin and Papa planting a tree in a flowerpot.

Kaylin and Papa planted this tree when it was tiny, and so was Kaylin.

It was a great day!