Sunday, May 31, 2009

Notes about the Sugarland concert:

Note to my friend Ronna: You had the foresight to get us seats on the floor. You are my favorite person in the world right now.

Note to my parents: Thank you for watching the girls overnight so I could go to the concert!

Note to the waitress at dinner at Power and Light: Thank you for wearing such short shorts, then rolling the top down so we could see your underwear. I could have gone the rest of my life without knowing what your underwear looked like.

Note to the very drunk man who took our group picture: Thank you for taking a great picture, even though your eye was drooping shut and you could barely walk. The picture is in focus and we're all smiling. Hopefully you made it home okay at the end of the night.

Note to Matt Nathanson, who opened the show: Your ice cream song gave us goosebumps. And it wasn't because we were cold. Thanks for the line, Ronna!

Note to the woman in front of us: I'm glad you brought your six-year-daughter to the concert as a bonding experience. However, your incessant texting on your Blackberry probably ruined your daughter's time. And since she slept through the entire Sugarland performance, you could have saved your money and taken her to something she would enjoy.

Note to the security man: You came and took three different groups of people in the row in front of us to closer seats. What about us? We would have appreciated feeling some love too.

Note to the Sprint Center: Thank you for being a clean, inviting place. And thank you for allowing someone whose seats were on the floor to go upstairs to the "bathroom" , then come back down right next to the stage. Thank you for allowing that person to linger there for a few minutes, so close they could have jumped on stage, then gently prodding them to return to their own seats.

Note to women over the age of 35: Even if you are in shape, there are certain things you should not wear. It's okay to look nice, to try and dress to make yourself look and feel good, but you are not 20 anymore. Stop trying to act like it.

Note to Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland: Your voice is faboulous, and you have a wonderful personality on stage. Thank you for a great time!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

KK's doctor visit

Kaylin went to her orthopedic surgeon on Friday. Every time, he says surgery may be necessary on her hip, but he wants to wait and see what her body will do on its own. Friday he finally ruled out surgery! I was very happy to hear that.

Her hip is still not 100%, but believe me, it looks so much better on x-ray than it did four years ago! He said he imagines she will have joint pain/problems by high school age, but that is something we can treat alternatively, without surgery. And he still says she'll end up with an early (as in 40's-50's) hip replacement.

But just knowing how far she has come is pretty incredible.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day at the Farm

The girls and I traveled out south to a farm on Wednesday. It looked like rain, but we tried it anyway and won! It was cloudy and a tad bit chilly, but really a very nice day.

We ate a picnic lunch, then began looking at the animals. Macy came eye to eye with this black goat outside the fence, and was pretty excited. Can you tell my girls our city girls who don't see live farm animals very often?

The farm has a petting zoo with baby goats where you can buy a handful of food for 25 cents. I warned the girls to try to spread out their goat food, and not give it all to one goat. I shouldn't have wasted my breath. As soon as they walked in the pen, they were attacked by goats! They were jumping up on the girls, knocked over Kaylin at one point, and the girls were so startled they dropped their foot on the ground. They handled it well; laughing instead of crying.

In this picture, if you look close, you can actually see the food dropping out of Macy's hand. (In these pictures, I was trying a new setting on my camera, and I think they turned out well.)

Kaylin running from the goats...

She's lost her shoe! "MOOOMMMM! My SHOE!! HELP!!!"

This goat, shoulder-high on Kaylin, wouldn't leave her alone. Even after she had dropped all her food, he wouldn't leave her alone.

Moving on, we played on the playground, saw the bunnies, chickens, prairie dogs, bobcats, and owls. Here they are in the little wood cabin.

Oh, be still my heart. She is beautiful. Downright beautiful.

One of the final stops was where the girls bottle-fed pygmy goats. These goats were just as aggressive, but the girls held tightly to the bottles. Kaylin had trouble--she wouldn't hold the bottle still long enough. So the poor goats would start to drink, then she'd rip the bottle out of their mouths and move on to another goat. I felt sorry for them. Finally, they drank all the milk out of her bottle and moved on to another child to harass.

This little guy just wanted to chew on the bottom of my capri's. He wasn't interested in a bottle, just wanted to nibble on my hem.

Last stop of the trip was the fishing dock. We didn't pay $3 for a fishing pole and 3 worms, and opted instead for the 25 cent fish food. They spent about 20 minutes throwing food into the water. Hundreds, literally hundreds, of fish stared out of the water, fighting each other for the drops of fish food.

It was a beautiful day. Especially since the grand total of money spent for fun was $3. We'll be visiting again soon.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


School was out Friday--woo-hoo! It wasn't a bad year, but I always love summer vacation. Obviously...

Friday night was my suprise party for my master's graduation. Kaylin had told me about two weeks earlier, so I just didn't talk to anyone about it so they would think I was suprised. It was a fun time!

Saturday the girls and I went to an indoor water park with Macy's Girl Scout troop. It was a lot of fun!

Saturday night was graduation for the kids I teach. Bittersweet for me--there are about 4 or 5 kids I will miss terribly, and tear up everytime I think of them leaving, and then there are about 4 that cannot leave soon enough. Dinner at P&L first,then on to the ceremony. We had 605 graduates, and it was a sllloooowww graduation. This was a rowdy parent bunch--every pause by a speaker or a change was filled with parents yelling and screaming. Never seen that before. It's one thing to cheer when your child's name is called, but another to scream that child's name during a pause in a speech.

Sunday was church, then a couple graduation parties, then Oceans of Fun for a couple of hours. Water was cold.

Yesterday was Worlds of Fun with some friends. Fun day! For the record, Macy was taller (and braver) than the girl a year older than her. It rained on us at the end, so we rode the water rides since we were already wet.

We're going to pack things in this week, since the girls start summer school next week.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Last Day of School!

Last day as a pre-schooler: (sun was bright and I don't think she was awake yet)

Last day as a first-grader:

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lovely hair cuts and Purple fish

As you can see by the picture at her Girl Scout ceremony Tuesday night, Macy's hair is getting looonngg. I have been after her to cut it, but to no avail. So Tuesday night, her friend Jessica (who has much longer hair than Macy) says she's getting her hair cut. Suddenly, Macy decides she wants hers cut too. (Nothing like a little peer pressure...)

Rather than risk her changing her mind, I quickly made an appointment tonight with my hairdresser. We've been talking about giving her hair to a charity that makes wigs for children with cancer, so Macy was excited about contributing. Here is Macy's hair in the ponytail before Staci cut it.

And here's Staci with the first cut:

The end result: over 9 inches cut off! She suddenly looks MUCH older. I love it, and more importantly, she loves it.

The back had to be shorter due to the ponytail, so it is stacked, and WAY cute.

She will be stylin' big time for her last day as a first-grader!

And on another exciting note, Kaylin has a new fish to replace Nemo, the four-year-old Betta fish who died last night. This one is Purplelicious, and is--you guessed it--purple. I want to break into Fergalicious every time she says the name. Hopefully Purplelicious can stay in our family a long time too.

Our first funeral

Kaylin's fish was found floating at the bottom of the fish tank after the girls went to bed last night. I told Kaylin this morning, and we woke up Macy and Bobby and we had a flushing service in the bathroom.

No tears!

She did ask this morning, with huge eyes and a quaking lower lip "Have you and Daddy been feeding my fish?" I replied,yes, we have been feeding her fish but that sometimes things happen.

I blogged about the day we got Nemo here, August 14, 2007. And the person we got Nemo from had him for a while, so he was definately getting up there in fish years.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The birds are back in town...

Several years ago, I was home with the girls and heard a loud scratching noise coming from the hall closet. Naturally, I stayed calm called my husband for help. I was sure a wild animal of some sort was in the closet. However, we determined birds were in the wall of the closet, just like they were also in the fireplace.

And once a year in the spring they return.

Yesterday, I'm upstairs and I hear Kaylin yelling, "Mom, COME HERE. You've GOT to see this!" I went to see what was so important, and she is staring transfixed at the hall closet. I didn't hear the birds at first, then I did. I explained the bird situation, and she is now telling everyone about the birds in the closet.

In case you are wondering, we don't know how they get in. Or get out. But in about a week, the birds will be gone.

Until next year!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Graduation Day!

We drove through a monsoon to get to Columbia Friday night.

I believe it took us 3 1/2 hours to make the two hour trip. I'm sure my parents were regretting the decision to ride with us after 10 minutes in the car with the rain pounding down and the girls (oh, we don't need the DVD players. It's only 2 hours) screaming at each other behind them. Oh well; at least we made it.

Graduation was uneventful, except for the Mr. Debby Downer (or, I guess he would be called Mr. David Downer) and his speech about how we are killing the planet and in a few years only 650,000 people will be left on the planet. Really? The woman talking on her cell phone behind me was a treat too. After a mere two hours, we were done.

The girls were very excited, which was why I walked in the first place. And I'm glad I did. It was fun.

Some random pictures for you...

Friday, May 15, 2009

Graduation Day!

Tonight is graduation! If it wasn't for the girls, I wouldn't be walking. But I think it is important for them to see me graduate, so we'll head down to Mizzou and Hearnes Arena tonight. Bobby is excited to see the old Hearnes.

Today was to be Kaylin's field trip to the zoo, but it rained so they have rescheduled. Of course, since I already had a 1/2 day sub arranged and lesson plans ready, I came home to do nothing for a couple hours. It would have been more work for someone to cancel the sub, right? I might as well enjoy it. I think I'll take a nap.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Reflections over tater tots

"My mom is eating lunch with me." She beams as she holds tightly onto my arm.

"Mom, here's where we get our trays." She expertly picks up a green tray bigger than half of her body and hands one to me.

"Mom, you forgot your milk. I'll get you one." She jumps up and runs to get me a carton of white milk. I smile through my tears at her and say thanks.

For five years, I have had a child at Blue Jay Junction, the preschool at my high school. For five years, I have hassled with a kid in the morning, but enjoyed peeking in at them throughout the day. I consider their two teachers great friends, I have gone on field trips with them, and eaten lunch with them in the high school cafeteria.

But that time is coming to an end. I ate lunch with Kaylin today, the last time I will be able to eat lunch with a child of mine at preschool. She grinned at the student helper across from us and said, "I'm going to kindergarten next year so my mom is eating lunch with me for the last time!" My eyes well up with tears again. The student helper smiled sympathetically at me. I know her mom is going through the exact same emotions, as she is graduating and going to Mizzou in the fall.

How can she be old enough to go to kindergarten? What am I going to do when I only have to get myself ready in the morning? My car ride to school will be significantly quieter, that's for sure. But my baby will be in kindergarten.

Thawed hamburgers...

Macy took a nasty spill on her scooter last night, and bruised her knees pretty good. Of course, she wanted an ice pack. Of course, we didn't have any. I did find a frozen hamburger patty in the freezer, wrapped in tin-foil. Worked perfectly!

Until later, when she was asleep and I couldn't find the frozen hamburger. I figured one of the dogs got it, but I couldn't find the tin foil either. They've been known to eat lots of strange things, but tin foil isn't one of them. I looked and looked, but couldn't find it.

This morning in the car, Macy tells me it was under her pillow. But since she was sleeping on Bobby's side of our bed, it was actually under his pillow. A phone call to him was in order to go rescue the hamburger before it completly thawed. Gross....

Monday, May 11, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Wow, two posts from me in one day. I promised I'd be better this week, didn't I?

It's been a while since I did Not Me Monday, so I thought I'd participate today. Nothing better to do for the time being while my kids are working on projects.

Without further ado...

I did not take a shower Saturday night, and realize 15 minutes later that I forgot to wash my hair. I did not then take another shower, just to wash my hair.

It's no secret I'm not the best math student. That said, I did not guess on a few people's totals at the garage sale. "Oh, 4 shirts, 4 pants, that'll be $3.50"

And I did not make a mathematical error at Barnes and Noble Sunday night. I had a purchase order for $200 to buy 10 journals for graduation gifts. 10 journals at $10 each equals $200, right? I was not shocked when, after the institutional discount, my total came to $76.

During an espeically long stretch at my garage sale, I did not play Barbie's in the driveway with Kaylin. She was not impressed with Mom's ability to pretend!

Finally, I did not leave my cell phone on my desk on Tuesday. A student did not borrow a pencil from my desk, then pick up my cell phone and call his own in order to record my number. Then, while I am teaching, he did not call my cell phone three times. I did not kept apologizing to the students for forgetting to put my phone on vibrate, not knowing it was him every time. And three students do not keep texting me random things.

Head over to MckMama's blog for more examples of Not Me Monday!

I'm alive, I promise!

Friday and Saturday we held a garage sale at our house, and it encompassed every thought and piece of energy I had in the last week. I know you like schedules, so here's what my week looked like:

Saturday and Sunday--cleaned out the garage and packed up toys, stuffed animals, etc.
Sunday night--pulled out all the clothes tubs from the secret hiding place in the basement
Monday night--sorted through 6--yes, 6--huge lawn and leaf bags full of girl clothes that never made it into tubs. I put those clothes in the corresponding size group.
Tuesday--secured tables, and folded 0-12 months clothes onto tables
Wednesday--folded 12 months to 4t onto tables
Thursday--folded 5t clothes, got signs ready, organized garage, priced miscellenous items, and finished getting ready at 2 am.
Friday and Saturday--garage sale.

It was insane how much prep work went into getting this ready. The earliest I went to bed last week was midnight. I think Bobby thinks it magically happened, since he was gone all week working. It was well worth it though, as we made quite a bit of money. More importantly, we got rid of some big items that were taking up space in our basement and garage!

I'm glad it is over! I promise I'll be a better blogger this week.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Garage sales and wood chips...

Spent the weekend getting ready for a massive garage sale. I got all the toys, stuffed animals, and baby items organized inside the garage. We have 2 30-gallon Rubbermaid containers with stuffed animals. Seriously? How did we come to have so much? Oh, I know. Everyone buys them stuffed animals, and they love getting them at garage sales. I kept the special ones.

Now I start organizing the clothes. We've never sold any of their clothes, so we have all their clothes from preemie up to size 5. Should make for a ton of stuff!

If you follow me on Twitter, you noticed that Macy spent the afternoon at school with me because she got a wood chip in her eye. The nurse at school got ahold of Bobby first, and he went up there. He took her to the fire station, and it took him plus three paramedics to get it out. He brought her to the high school, and she hung out with me in the afternoon. It's still really bothering her. Bright lights bother her, and so we are sitting in the dark with a wet washcloth on her eye. Ever the self-diagnoser, I looked up her symptoms online and she scratched her cornea. I'm going to keep an eye on it tonight, and we might take her to the eye doctor.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Fool me once...

Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice, shame on me.

Isn't that how the saying goes?

Wednesday night, the girls were in their rooms. I was downstairs on my laptop, doing my usual Facebook, blog, Twitter check. "Wow," I thought to myself. "It is so quiet upstairs. The girls must have really been tired." After a while I went to change the laundry. Both girls were sitting on Macy's bed, hair in elaborate ponytails, bed full of Hannah Montana and High School Musical dolls. I shook my head, sent Kaylin to her room with a little swat, and all was well.

You would think I would learn, wouldn't you?

Last night, the girls were in their rooms. I was downstairs on my laptop, doing my usual Facebook, blog, Twitter check. "Wow," I thought to myself. "It is so quiet upstairs. The girls must have really been tired."

[Picture lightbulb going off in my head]

"Wait a minute..." I head upstairs. You know what I found.