Monday, June 28, 2010

The Name Game

When I was pregnant with both girls, picking a name was so important. As someone saddled with the most popular name of the 1970's, I wanted to avoid that at all costs for my daughters. I scoured books, websites, and then plugged every name I liked into the Social Security website to see its  popularity.

Macy was #242 in 2001, so I thought I was fairly safe. In 2009, it was #286.

Then Macy played on a soccer team with a little girl named Macy. I thought that was it. Then Kaylin became great friends with a girl named Macy, and I thought, "surely this is it!" Nope.

Saturday we met Kaylin's Macy at the pool. There was another Macy I'd never met before there. So, at this small community pool, there were 3 Macy's.

In our small town, there are 4 Macy's between the age of 6-8. So much for being unique.

I should have just named her Sarah or Jane or Sue or Mary or Cathy or Matilda. Then I would have been safe, for sure. :)

For the record, Kaylin was #437 in 2004, and in 2009 was #372.
Jennifer? #1 from 1970-1984, and #109 in 2009.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

All kids do it...but STILL!!!!

All kids do it at some point. My oldest did it when she was 2, so I thought we'd moved past that. Obviously, I was wrong.

Thursday night I ran to the store, and Bobby was taking a shower after work. Afterwards, we quickly left the house and went to Worlds. While standing in line at the Mamba, I noticed Macy's hair looked funny. I looked closer, and gasped. Huge chunk missing out of the side.

I quickly turned to Kaylin, and ripped off her headband to see short, uneven bangs. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! The girls had taken advantage of me being gone and Bobby in the shower to give each other haircuts with my kitchen scissors.

Yesterday required a trip to our favorite hairdresser, Miss Staci, to repair the damage. Below are the before and after shots.

And I must add--I really am not fond of bangs. I don't know why, but I have strictly avoided bangs in both girls. It doesn't bother me when I see other kids with bangs, I don't think anything of it and don't think less of parents whose kids have bangs. But it's just something I avoid. That was part of my distress over Kaylin's snip-snip fiasco. But then Macy sat down in Staci's chair, and asked for bangs. I froze, Staci looked quickly at me, and I had to make a decision. I chose to let my daughter do what she wanted with her hair, not what I wanted to do. It may seem like a small thing, but it was a big decision for me to allow her control of her life. I don't want to be THAT mom, who makes every decision. She knew what she wanted, why shouldn't be allowed to embrace that? Even if I didn't want it.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Camping Trip Picture Blow-Out

This past week we packed up the car and headed for a family camping and rafting trip.

First stop? St. Louis for this beautiful sight.

After, we headed down to the river and spent the next couple days lounging around, not doing anything, and playing in the river.

We jumped off bridges over and over and over and over and over
Some of us needed a little help from Uncle Bobby to jump off the bridge.

We spent a lot of time with cousins.
More jumping off bridges...with all the uncles, and the grandpa!
The splash? Kaylin.

This was the view down the river.
We loaded up on a stinky school bus, sang The Wheels on the Bus and Row your Boat, and got ready to raft. We had 3 rafts, and had a great time jumping off the raft, swimming in the current, and eating sunflower seeds. Many hours later, we arrived back at our campsite.
We had a water balloon fight, where they military-style walked off 10 paces before turning to throw.
Grandma threw water balloons at us.
Posing for pictures...the 4 young grandchildren. The 2 older grandchildren were working or in the Bahaamas or something lame like that. :)
Jumped off bridges some more...
My beautiful parents
Mom and Dad with their 3 youngest granddaughters.

It was a great couple days. I have fond memories of camping and rafting when I was growing up, and I wanted the girls to experience that as well. I think they had a great time, and will be a trip they remember forever.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Notes about Sugarland, Part Deaux

Last night was my second Sugarland concert in as many years. I thought I would do another post like I did last year, with notes about the concert, with some pictures this time.

Note to my friend Ronna; you are one of my most favorite people in the world. It was a blast going to another concert at Sprint with you, even if you did pick the parking garage that charges $15 to park.

Note to one of my other best friends, Jenn; thanks for helping me out with Fatty McFatterson on the other side of me, trying to crowd me out of my seat. You are always very resourceful. Thanks for accompaning me to the bathroom so I wouldn't have to go alone.

Note to my new friend Piper; I'm glad you like me now! :)
Note to Sprint Center; thanks for the private escort to our seats, and for having enough women's restrooms that the line, while very long, moved quickly.

Note to Sugarland; thanks for being incredible, again! You sang all my favorites, except Joey, but that's okay. It was pretty spectatular being in the 2nd row; I've never been that close at a concert before, and it was awesome!

Note to Jennifer Nettles; I would gladly give my right arm if I could sing like you. Wow. Instead, I sound like a dying frog.

Finally, note to Ronna and I's kids; thanks for giving up ten minutes of your computer-playing time to get us 2nd row tickets, way back in February. All 10 of you worked hard to get us the best available seats, and turns out 2nd row was pretty incredible.
Until next year...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A paradox

Yesterday was new for me. After swim lessons, we stayed at the pool with my niece while my sister had meetings at work. Hannah is a fish who could kick butt on a swim team.

I laid down the ground rules--stick together, no leaving Kaylin behind, and make sure you tell me when you  are changing areas. There were three main areas--the "baby" area, where there wasn't a pool but spraying fountains and a dumping bucket; the middle area, which was the main pool area and where the water slide was; and the deep part, with the diving boards and a monster slide.

After the ground rules, I sat down in a lounge chair and actually read a book. I can not tell you the last time that happened. And the girls were soooooo good--they came and told me each time they were moving to a different area. Hannah had a bright pink top on, so they were easy to spot. I'd read a couple sentences, look up and find them, then go back. It was slow reading, but hey, it was reading nonetheless. I rewarded them with Burger King Icee's on the way home for being so good.

I didn't feel comfortable with them in the deep area without me (well, I didn't feel comfortable with Kaylin in the deep area, the others would have been fine) so I'd take a break from reading and go down there with them. I'd sit on the side of the pool, they'd jump off the diving board and swim over to me. Repeat 50 times.

It was heaven, but bittersweet at the same time. They're growing up and don't need me anymore. I realized last night Macy will be driving in 8 years. 8 short years. Yikes. I long for them to be big, to see what wonderful young ladies they grow into, and at the same time I long for them to stay children. It's a sad paradox.

Oh, and apparently it's hysterical that I like to go down water slides too, even after they asked me to.

Monday, June 14, 2010

First week of summer!

Last week was our first offical week of summer, and it was CRAZY!

Sunday we went to the Royals game--free Build-a-Bear day! Very exciting.You might remember  this trip to the Royals game two years ago, to get a river otter and that was Macy's Jumbotron debut. The received polar bear's this year and no one was on the Jumbotron, but it was a great win and a great (hot!) day.

The rest of the week was crazy busy. Macy attended a basketball camp. She did great, learned a lot, and came away with two shirts, a pair of shorts and a basketball that glows in the dark. Can't ask for anything better than that!

Kaylin wasn't old enough for basketball camp, so she did tennis camp at the same time. She's ahem a little uncoordinated like her mother and sat down on the tennis courts a few times, but she seemed to learn a lot. She's been hitting tennis balls in the driveway, and using correct terms and form, so she learned something.

After camp, we hustled to swim lessons. I hesitated to do all this in one week, afraid it might wear them out, but we decided to do it anyway. I took snacks for inbetween camp and swim lessons, and made sure they got to bed at a good time so they were rested.

Swim lessons continue this week, and we are enjoying just laying around, going to Oceans, and packing for our camping adventure this upcoming week.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Quirky Part Two

A while ago I wrote this post, naming some of my quirky tendencies. I felt like sharing some more of my strangeness especially since we will be on vacation with my brother next week and I wanted to give him more ammunition  to make fun of me.

1. I'm a creature of habit. In a parking lot, I tend to park on the same side every time, usually in the same row if I can. In a store, I go in the same bathroom stall every time, if it's available, or I go through the same check-out line. At school, I buy my lunch from the same lady, even if her line is longer and even though she's not the nicest lady.

2. I prefer glass over plastic when choosing a glass out of our cabinet, and I don't like the thick glasses, only the thinner ones

3. I LOVE the smell of coffee, but HATE to drink it.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Final Frontier

Big day for Macy yesterday...after YEARS of waiting PATIENTLY (insert sarcasm) Macy was finally tall enough to ride the Patriot at Worlds. The final frontier of roller coasters.

Side note--In October, she was 53 1/2 inches tall, just 1/2 inch too short. In April, she was about 54 1/2 inches. And last night? she was about 55 1/2 inches tall. The girl has grown 2 inches since OCTOBER, and is a mere 7 inches shorter than me. Not that I am keeping track or anything.

Our routine is the girls ride with Bobby first--not sure how that started, but it's our tradition now. Here is she--have you ever seen a more excited smile?????

Because she is our roller coaster junkie, she LOVED it! She rode with me right after, and she kept saying "You're going to love it" and "You go upside down 5 times!"--as if I'd never ridden the ride before!

And in true Macy fashion, she threw a fit when we left because she only got to ride it 2 times. :)

Looking forward to a fun summer of roller coasters, swimming, and generally being lazy.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Taxi Service

Mom's Taxi Service Monday-Thursday this week:

8:45--drop off Macy at basketball camp
9:00--drop off Kaylin at tennis camp
Walk 3 miles
10:15--pick up Macy from basketball camp
10:30--pick up Kaylin from tennis camp
Peanut butter crackers and water in the car
11:15--drop off both girls at swim lessons
Read book and return phone calls
11:55--both girls finished, home for lunch

Whew. What a busy 4 days!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Like Night and Day

It's amazing how different the girls are.

Macy, the oldest by 2 years in case you aren't aware, is shyer, more reserved, more responsible, more dependable. She's also highly emotional. She very much has a "who is going to see me, does this match, is this what everyone else is wearing, is my hair combed" attitude. I see so much of myself in her that's scary. Most of the time we butt heads because we are so alike.

Kaylin, the younger by 2 years in case you weren't keeping track, is spunkier, not shy in the least, not responsible and very spirited. She very much has a "who cares if I'm wearing pink shoes with an orange striped shirt and a blue polka dotted skirt with food all over my face" attitude.She is my little shadow, always hanging on me or holding my hand or wanting me carry her (at age 6!)

Why am I sharing all this with you?

Tonight we went to Oceans for the first time this year. This is the third year we've had season passes. Previous years we just hung out at a few of the pools, the lazy river, etc. because Kaylin wasn't tall enough for the water slides. We'd try to convince Macy to do them with us, but nope. No dice. She was content to hang out in the pools.

Kaylin is now tall enough for the water slides, and it was like a brand-new waterpark for both girls. Suddenly, because her younger sister could ride the water slides with her, Macy was finally confident enough to do so. Funny how the YOUNGER sister was the one to convince the OLDER sister to go down the huge water slide. Funny how Macy needed the company of her sister to do it.

I have blogged before about their differences--Birth Order Analysis It was over a year and a half ago, and is still the same!

Nothing wrong with either personality--I love both of them for their different personalities, and wouldn't have it any other way!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Helllllllloooooooo summer!

Summer is here!

The girls got out of school last Friday. Here's Kaylin on her first day as a kindergartener, and then her last day.

And here's Macy on her first day of 2nd grade, and her last. Notice the wonderful peace signs they both had to flash. Very classy.

The girls both had fantastic years at school. and had wonderful report cards with no issues. Kaylin's reading is AMAZING for a kindergartner, and Macy is reading well above grade level too. Both are well-behaved at school (can't say the same at home!)

Because of lovely snow days, I had to go until yesterday. And because I am moving schools, I had to pack my room and clean everything out. I didn't trust the school moving people, so our garage is full of furniture to store until I can move in in August.

And so today, on my first full day of summer vacation, I am laying around on the couch with an upset tummy.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hot Air Balloon Festival

Saturday night a friend and I took our kids WAY out south for a hot air balloon festival. It was very crowded, but very cool. It was the 2nd annual one, and it was neat for the kids to see the hot air balloons fly right over the top of us.

Here's my snaggle-toothed beauty. That front tooth is hanging on by a thread, and she can push it over the top of her lip, making her look like she has one tooth.
Love this shot of Macy--she was looking back at her friend.

I won't narrate about the hot air balloons,but let you enjoy the pictures. I took 211. As usual.

For these last two, once it got dark, they had the fire light up the inside of the balloons. It was pretty neat to see, and we could get right up there next to the balloons. It scared the crap out of the 4 kids the first time they turned on the fire, and they took off running and yelling. After that, they calmed down and didn't want to leave! It was after 11 by the time we got home. Love that our kids are so flexible and have ALWAYS been that way.