Friday, June 25, 2010

Camping Trip Picture Blow-Out

This past week we packed up the car and headed for a family camping and rafting trip.

First stop? St. Louis for this beautiful sight.

After, we headed down to the river and spent the next couple days lounging around, not doing anything, and playing in the river.

We jumped off bridges over and over and over and over and over
Some of us needed a little help from Uncle Bobby to jump off the bridge.

We spent a lot of time with cousins.
More jumping off bridges...with all the uncles, and the grandpa!
The splash? Kaylin.

This was the view down the river.
We loaded up on a stinky school bus, sang The Wheels on the Bus and Row your Boat, and got ready to raft. We had 3 rafts, and had a great time jumping off the raft, swimming in the current, and eating sunflower seeds. Many hours later, we arrived back at our campsite.
We had a water balloon fight, where they military-style walked off 10 paces before turning to throw.
Grandma threw water balloons at us.
Posing for pictures...the 4 young grandchildren. The 2 older grandchildren were working or in the Bahaamas or something lame like that. :)
Jumped off bridges some more...
My beautiful parents
Mom and Dad with their 3 youngest granddaughters.

It was a great couple days. I have fond memories of camping and rafting when I was growing up, and I wanted the girls to experience that as well. I think they had a great time, and will be a trip they remember forever.

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