Monday, June 14, 2010

First week of summer!

Last week was our first offical week of summer, and it was CRAZY!

Sunday we went to the Royals game--free Build-a-Bear day! Very exciting.You might remember  this trip to the Royals game two years ago, to get a river otter and that was Macy's Jumbotron debut. The received polar bear's this year and no one was on the Jumbotron, but it was a great win and a great (hot!) day.

The rest of the week was crazy busy. Macy attended a basketball camp. She did great, learned a lot, and came away with two shirts, a pair of shorts and a basketball that glows in the dark. Can't ask for anything better than that!

Kaylin wasn't old enough for basketball camp, so she did tennis camp at the same time. She's ahem a little uncoordinated like her mother and sat down on the tennis courts a few times, but she seemed to learn a lot. She's been hitting tennis balls in the driveway, and using correct terms and form, so she learned something.

After camp, we hustled to swim lessons. I hesitated to do all this in one week, afraid it might wear them out, but we decided to do it anyway. I took snacks for inbetween camp and swim lessons, and made sure they got to bed at a good time so they were rested.

Swim lessons continue this week, and we are enjoying just laying around, going to Oceans, and packing for our camping adventure this upcoming week.

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