Friday, June 4, 2010

Helllllllloooooooo summer!

Summer is here!

The girls got out of school last Friday. Here's Kaylin on her first day as a kindergartener, and then her last day.

And here's Macy on her first day of 2nd grade, and her last. Notice the wonderful peace signs they both had to flash. Very classy.

The girls both had fantastic years at school. and had wonderful report cards with no issues. Kaylin's reading is AMAZING for a kindergartner, and Macy is reading well above grade level too. Both are well-behaved at school (can't say the same at home!)

Because of lovely snow days, I had to go until yesterday. And because I am moving schools, I had to pack my room and clean everything out. I didn't trust the school moving people, so our garage is full of furniture to store until I can move in in August.

And so today, on my first full day of summer vacation, I am laying around on the couch with an upset tummy.

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