Saturday, June 19, 2010

Notes about Sugarland, Part Deaux

Last night was my second Sugarland concert in as many years. I thought I would do another post like I did last year, with notes about the concert, with some pictures this time.

Note to my friend Ronna; you are one of my most favorite people in the world. It was a blast going to another concert at Sprint with you, even if you did pick the parking garage that charges $15 to park.

Note to one of my other best friends, Jenn; thanks for helping me out with Fatty McFatterson on the other side of me, trying to crowd me out of my seat. You are always very resourceful. Thanks for accompaning me to the bathroom so I wouldn't have to go alone.

Note to my new friend Piper; I'm glad you like me now! :)
Note to Sprint Center; thanks for the private escort to our seats, and for having enough women's restrooms that the line, while very long, moved quickly.

Note to Sugarland; thanks for being incredible, again! You sang all my favorites, except Joey, but that's okay. It was pretty spectatular being in the 2nd row; I've never been that close at a concert before, and it was awesome!

Note to Jennifer Nettles; I would gladly give my right arm if I could sing like you. Wow. Instead, I sound like a dying frog.

Finally, note to Ronna and I's kids; thanks for giving up ten minutes of your computer-playing time to get us 2nd row tickets, way back in February. All 10 of you worked hard to get us the best available seats, and turns out 2nd row was pretty incredible.
Until next year...

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