Thursday, June 17, 2010

A paradox

Yesterday was new for me. After swim lessons, we stayed at the pool with my niece while my sister had meetings at work. Hannah is a fish who could kick butt on a swim team.

I laid down the ground rules--stick together, no leaving Kaylin behind, and make sure you tell me when you  are changing areas. There were three main areas--the "baby" area, where there wasn't a pool but spraying fountains and a dumping bucket; the middle area, which was the main pool area and where the water slide was; and the deep part, with the diving boards and a monster slide.

After the ground rules, I sat down in a lounge chair and actually read a book. I can not tell you the last time that happened. And the girls were soooooo good--they came and told me each time they were moving to a different area. Hannah had a bright pink top on, so they were easy to spot. I'd read a couple sentences, look up and find them, then go back. It was slow reading, but hey, it was reading nonetheless. I rewarded them with Burger King Icee's on the way home for being so good.

I didn't feel comfortable with them in the deep area without me (well, I didn't feel comfortable with Kaylin in the deep area, the others would have been fine) so I'd take a break from reading and go down there with them. I'd sit on the side of the pool, they'd jump off the diving board and swim over to me. Repeat 50 times.

It was heaven, but bittersweet at the same time. They're growing up and don't need me anymore. I realized last night Macy will be driving in 8 years. 8 short years. Yikes. I long for them to be big, to see what wonderful young ladies they grow into, and at the same time I long for them to stay children. It's a sad paradox.

Oh, and apparently it's hysterical that I like to go down water slides too, even after they asked me to.