Monday, June 28, 2010

The Name Game

When I was pregnant with both girls, picking a name was so important. As someone saddled with the most popular name of the 1970's, I wanted to avoid that at all costs for my daughters. I scoured books, websites, and then plugged every name I liked into the Social Security website to see its  popularity.

Macy was #242 in 2001, so I thought I was fairly safe. In 2009, it was #286.

Then Macy played on a soccer team with a little girl named Macy. I thought that was it. Then Kaylin became great friends with a girl named Macy, and I thought, "surely this is it!" Nope.

Saturday we met Kaylin's Macy at the pool. There was another Macy I'd never met before there. So, at this small community pool, there were 3 Macy's.

In our small town, there are 4 Macy's between the age of 6-8. So much for being unique.

I should have just named her Sarah or Jane or Sue or Mary or Cathy or Matilda. Then I would have been safe, for sure. :)

For the record, Kaylin was #437 in 2004, and in 2009 was #372.
Jennifer? #1 from 1970-1984, and #109 in 2009.

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Sarah said...

If you had named them Sarah and Jane, could we still be friends?