Thursday, July 1, 2010

Stream of Consciousness

Another blog I read does this stream of consciousness post everyonce in a while, so I thought I would too.

After two unproductive days at the pool, yesterday the girls and I stayed home and had a very productive productive day. Today? Back to the pool. I had a very nice run last night. I left my iphone at home, and I think I could focus better, without constantly changing the song or adjusting the volume or fixing the earpiece that fell out of my ear again. But without the phone, what if a crazed person attacked me on the trail? I would not be able to call for help. My girls just woke up, a few minutes before 10! We are going to Omaha for a couple days next week, need to get on those hotel reservations. VBS is in two weeks, and  I need to get crackin' on my stuff. I'm teaching the 4-5 year olds. The girls and I are meeting Bobby for a picnic lunch at the vineyard today, then I'm going back tonight to hopefully get some great pictures for them. Today is July 1st, unbelievable that summer is going soooo fast. Slow down!!! The girls made their own 4th of July shirts for the two parties we have this weekend. I'll do a blog post about them, maybe tomorrow, but the shirts turned out cute. If I didn't think I'd look like a huge dork, I'd make my own.

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