Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sick Dog

Last night Gabriel, our American Eskimo, started acting strange. (I know, Dad, dogs aren't people and how do I know he was acting strange?) Well, he was. He wouldn't sit or lay down, and was pacing the living room, kitchen and dining room. He is a barker, and he wasn't making much sound at all. He kept wanting to go outside, but then would just wander around and not do anything. He wouldn't sit down next to me like he always does. He was obviously agitated about something.

I stayed up with him until about 3, when I crashed, but I kept hearing his nails on the tile and hardwood floors. Bobby took him to the vet this morning, and the diagnosis: ear infection and a couple abcessed teeth. Ear drops for his ear, and antibotics for the teeth. Let me tell you, doggie ear drops and antibiotics are much cheaper than the human kind. Eventually those teeth are going to have to be pulled, but hopefully the antiobotics will let us put that off for a while.

The girls have babied him all day--"oh, poor Gabey" or "oh, Gabey, pretty boy".

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