Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Omaha, baby!

Two weeks ago we ventured up to Omaha with another family. It was just a short trip, one night in the hotel, but it was very fun. The zoo in Omaha, if you haven't been there, is a definate must. We hadn't been for about 3 years, so it was time to go again.

The kids in the Desert Dome--

My two beauties in front of a waterfall in the rainforest place.
Bobby in front of the bobcat--the kids called it a "bobbycat." He was very excited about this picture, let me tell you. It was torture to get this picture with him and the bobbycat.
Girls on the rope bridge in the rainforest.
Our family in the rainforest.
Kaylin loved hanging from these ropes.
Macy and her BFF Kaylee. (Yes, the Kaylee that discovered that I'd killed Macy's hermit crab) Kaylee lives around the corner and comes down almost every day this summer.
Kaylee's younger brother Joseph and Kaylin, who have become BFF's this summer as well.
At the entrance to the zoo

This funny gorilla was laying on top of one of those domes. I would put my hand on the dome, and he would put his hand on top of mine. Then he was petting a bug and playing with it. Very cute.

This old gorilla, 36 years old, was hilarous. He was deeply disturbed by a group of Mennonites. He would run up and bang on the glass right in front of them, then sit down and glare at them. When they would move, he would follow them and continue his behavior.We stayed and watched him for about an hour. It was fascinating.

Something new at the zoo is the Sky tram. Here's Kaylin (and Bobby's head) on the Sky Tram. I am not fond of these things (or Ferris Wheel)  but I did great on this one. Mainly because Bobby did not rock it and try to push me out.
Here's Amy and the other two girls. Amy and Kaylee did not care for it at all, but Macy enjoyed it.

This is me trying to re-create a picture hanging in our hallway from a trip 4 years ago. No idea why Kaylin is posing like that.
I love this picture of Kaylin and Joseph--they were sitting in one of those domes in the gorilla section, and I loved the black around the dome!

It was an awesome trip! Fun memories, fun trip to the zoo and the swimming pool, and a cheap little vacation.

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