Friday, July 30, 2010

Made the big switch

This blog post comes to you courtesy of my brand-new Mac laptop. Since I am switching schools, I was due for a new school-issued laptop thanks to bond money that went with building a new high school. Three years ago I toyed with getting a Mac, but the Gateway won out. This time I decided to take the plunge. My students use Mac's in our journalism lab, and it was a little difficult to connect to their computers.

 It's going to be different, but change is good. I imagine I will run into some problems, considering 98% of our district is PC; only the journalism and graphic design labs are Macs, following with the industry standard.

I haven't done much with this yet, other than the girls making video's and taking pictures in photo booth, their favorite thing evah. Bobby and I are going to have to steal it away from them.

Only drawback so far? It's white. That could be bad.

A little intro vide from the two lovelies...

And some pictures with effects...

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