Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Alter Egos

Macy has two personalities right now--I call them Sweet Macy and Snotty Macy. (There is also Whiny Macy, Tired Macy, Hyper Macy and Grumpy Macy, but I'm only talking about these two right now.)

Sweet Macy is my lovable, climb in my lap, "oh, let me feed the dogs for you", "can I please help?" daughter. I love it when she is around. She is agreeable, laughs at my jokes, willingly gives her sister whatever she wants, and uses please and thank you in abundance. Sweet Macy is a joy to be around.

Snotty Macy is an 8-year-old version of a Teen Girl. She is not lovable, refuses to look at me except in disdain, rolls her eyes when I attempt to say anything mildly humorous, refuses to help with anything, fights with her sister constantly over stupid things like gum wrappers, and talks back with a voice filled with teen angst. Except that she's 8.

Snotty Macy was with us all day yesterday, and after Bobby worked for four days straight, I was about to lock Snotty Macy in her room until she turned 18 and moved out.

Enter Discovery Channel, Shark Week. Macy was mesmerized. Kaylin went to bed, and Macy was glued to shows about shark attacks. I let her stay up way past her bedtime, because Sweet Macy had appeared and was literally fascinated.

She slept with me, since Bobby was the fire station, and she was all cuddly and sweet. I said to her, "I like this Sweet Macy. I don't like the way Snotty Macy acts."

She says, "I like Sweet Macy too. I can't help it, but sometimes Snotty Macy just comes out and I can't control her."

I just pulled her closer and prayed for the next 10 years to go smoothly.

**** I know I didn't do a #b90 days entry yesterday, but I am still caught up on my Bible Reading. Just read the first 9 chapters of 1st Chronicles and was bored to tears.

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Sarah said...

Does it make me a bad mother when I want to tell my daughter to stop being such a b-i-t-c-h?
just asking...