Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First day 2010-2011

Look at my big third grader. I won't tell you about the morning we had before this picture was taken, but just tell you things improved. Of course, she sent her lunch with me because her BFF Kaylee didn't bring her lunch. I'm not surprised in the least. She had a great day, and is excited about her teacher, her friends, and the new PE teacher. She read for 45 minutes in bed, when she only had to read for 20. That's my girl.

And here's my beautiful 1st grader. She too had a wonderful day, ate the lunch I sent her, loves her teacher and her friends, but is sad that her two BFF's are in another classroom. This one, while she can talk to a brick wall, has a hard time connecting with people, and it broke my heart to hear her say, "I didn't have anyone to play with a recess." It'll get better. I know it will. 

And me? Well, classes start tomorrow, and I think I am ready. I have to be, right? The kids are coming whether I am ready or not. We are actually not teaching tomorrow, but doing a day-long celebration for the first day of the brand new high school. This is going to be a challenging school year, and one I am dreading and looking forward to at the same time. 

And I'm disappointed in you, my readers. I usually average 27-35 readers a day, and ONE person, my beloved friend Sarah, told me which pictures she liked. Thank you, Sarah, for following directions. The rest of you? Shame on you. :) 

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jennifer said...

Hey - I commented on your pictures when you posted them on Facebook - even told you my favorites. Didn't need to think I need to comment on your blog too. So put me on the list w/ your friend Sara :)