Saturday, August 7, 2010

Mommy Day with Kaylin 2010

Another installment of Mommy Day! Here's the link to my Mommy Day with her last year. 

So, of course, because she is Kaylin, she had to do EXACTLY what Macy did.  We did, however, do things backwards from the order in which Macy and I did them on Thursday. I won't complain much on here because this is about Kaylin, but I made a crucial error in choosing today--it was the Saturday of Tax Free weekend. Enough said. It wasn't pretty.

First stop was Justice--you know, THE store. I carried the clothes around, she tried on a ton, just like Macy, but went with the first outfit she tried on. It's darling. Because I am the coolest mother around (cough store still 40% off cough) she also got a Justin Bieber tshirt. I had to wait 30 minutes in line to purchase items. She was a hoot in the fitting room; prancing around like a model. She was worried someone would see her underwear through the curtain!

Next stop...yep. ear piercing across the street. 

Here she is, about to get her ears pierced. She was sooooo scared. She tried to hide it well, but she was a nervous wreck. 

I think this was afterwards, when I'd wiped away the tears and given her hugs. She cried briefly, said it "stings", then hopped down to look at earrings. 100% fine.

Here she is with her newly pierced ear. We had to go show Grandpa and Grandma, and she had to call all the aunts and uncles. Every one of them. 

Next stop...Panera. Because Macy picked it. Here we are...

Here she is with her grilled cheese...

And her Mountain Dew.

It was a fun day. I do hope next year she comes up with her own activity, instead of just copying Macy. Maybe I'll make her go first, so she has to decide. That might work.

This little girl is a spark plug of energy who rarely is calm. She cracks me up and I love her.

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