Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Excessive Heat Warning? No problem.

Yesterday, in the midst of an excessive heat warning, I took four little girls to Worlds. I had 2 free tickets that expired soon, and with school starting, we needed to do it soon. The day was arranged before I knew the forecast. Rather than deal with 4 broken hearts, we trudged on and headed out.

All four girls on the Sea Dragon. I can't ride this, so I watched from the side. 

All four girls on the Mamba. Flannery, Kaylin's friend, was just a smidge too short, but we practiced taking deep breaths and stretching our shoulders, and she made it on. Several people around us clapped when the guy cleared her. That same strategy did not work for the Prowler, however. 

Macy and her friend Paige on the Fury of the Nile. We didn't get as drenched as we wanted to, and dried pretty quickly, but it was  nice while it lasted.

Kaylin and her friend Flannery.

There are many more pictures to share, but I won't bore you with all of them. All was fine until after lunch--I started feeling sick from the heat. We'd been chugging water, but I could feel it (bad things) coming on. So I forced the kids into one of the air-conditioned theaters for the 30 minute show, and they had a BLAST!! I got cooled off, and didn't ride any rides the reminder of the day to keep things in my stomach where they belonged. 

Alas, this is the last time we saw Paige smile, on our second-to-last ride. The wonderful ride operator on the Scrambler decided to let the riders go for at least 3-4 minutes extra, and that did Paige in. We drank water and put wet paper towels on her face, but she didn't make it and had to visit the restroom. It took us a long time to walk to the car. She pressed her face against the window and held the empty small cooler on her lap the whole way home.

And we'd been home 5 minutes before the same thing happened to Kaylin. I'd personally like to thank the ride operator who decided to let the ride go for extra minutes ("Do you guys want to keep going? Okay!")  when an excessive heat warning was in effect. I'm sure Paige and Kaylin really appreciate it.

Up until that ending, they really did have a great time. It was a lot of fun hanging out with the girls and their friends. There was no fighting, no crying and no arguing. And hopefully I didn't embarrass Macy.

The one advantage we had? No lines.

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Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

It looks just like our day at our amusement park! It was hot and steamy! It looks like a great time though!