Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Case of the Missing Lunch

This morning we received an email from our cafeteria manager (who is a fantastic cook) about a new kind of baked chicken she was making today. I had brought my lunch, but decided to try her chicken instead.

During 3rd hour, I was getting hungry, so I thought I'd eat the chips out of the lunch I'd brought, since I was going to buy Michelle's chicken.

Opened my lunchbox--empty.

 I laughed, and guessed that I had grabbed Macy's lunch box (yes, we have the same lunchbox--it was $3 at Walmart and better from the environment than a brown paper bag) and must have left mine at home. I bought Michelle's chicken, and it was excellent.

When I got home, the other lunchbox was on the kitchen counter. I looked inside, and it was empty too! I was confused, to say the least. So I decided that someone at school must have eaten my lunch--crazy as it sounds, it happens from time to time. I called my friend Ronna, and was telling her what happened.

Kaylin overheard me, and interrupted me--"No, Momma, it was Kobe. This morning after you left, before Daddy woke up, I saw Kobe getting into your lunch. I put the lunchbox back on the counter."

The case of the missing lunch was solved.

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