Saturday, August 21, 2010

Interesting first week..

What a week...

Monday I got my 10-year plaque from my school district. Crazy to think I've been there 10 years! I was all prepared to walk across the stage, but this year they changed it up and I just had to stand up. Whew. No tripping across the stage. Frantically finished school shopping after work, then did back-to-school night.

Tuesday the girls started school, the car wouldn't start but finally did, I worked really hard all day, and I can't remember for the life of me what I did Tuesday night.

Wednesday was the opening day of the brand new high school. We had an opening dedication, kids did team-building all morning, a scavenger hunt, and then more activities. It was a full day of no teaching, and I felt more exhausted than if I had taught. 3 kids stayed after school until 6 and put together the first day of school issue. I went home and could barely keep my eyes open.

Thursday was get-to-know-you activities all day, I had a major freak-out and was in a rotten mood, Macy had her second guitar lesson, and I went to bed early.

Friday we handed out the first day of school issue, then we are sent to the basement--the teachers had no earthly idea where the basement at the new school issue was and we had to majorly wing it--for a severe warning alert, and it was an interesting end to the first week of school. We went down to Power and Light with some of Bobby's shift and had a great time. I bowled a strike, four gutter balls in a row, then another strike. What consistency.

Today Bobby is working and we are babysitting our friend's 9-month-old girl and 3 1/2 year old girl. Rather, I should say Macy is babysitting the 9-month-old. She has fed her peas, gave her her bottle, and has entertained her all afternoon. She will make an excellent babysitter in a couple years.

Ready for a calmer week next week.

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