Saturday, August 28, 2010

Thoughts on first full week of school

We have all finished our first full week of school. I was hoping for some sleep-in action this morning, but nope. Although it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

Macy has learned:
1. If she doesn't finish her homework, she misses recess time.
2. She doesn't like missing recess time, so that lesson has been learned.
3. Chicken Patty tastes better this year.

 Kaylin has learned:
1. It's a little harder than kindergarten.
2. It's also fun.
3. The same kid who picked on her in kindergarten is going to pick on her in 1st grade too.

I have learned:
1. From day one, you can tell which kids are going to be trouble.
2. 1994 must have been a popular year to name your son Zachary. I have 10.
3. Some girls are just snotty Mean Girls. I pray the girls don't become them.
4. After a five year hiatus of "real" teaching, I do remember how to do it.
5. A brand-new high school is beautiful, but lacks the personal touches to really make it feel like home.
6. A brand-new high school shouldn't play the local powerhouse in football for their first game. They might lose 55-0.

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