Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mommy Day with Macy 2010

Last year I started the idea of Mommy Day--a day where each girl gets to do something special with me, without the other one. You can read here about last year's Mommy Day with Macy. (Wow, was my hair really that short? I didn't realize it'd gotten so long!) It's a time for each girl to feel special doing something. 

We started with Panera for lunch. If you read last year's post, you will notice she almost choose Panera. This year, she did. 

Here she is with her Mountain Dew--a new favorite of her's. We don't let them have it very often, so she was excited. 

Here she is with her yummy baked potato soup and bread. She loves that soup!!

Here's both of us. I didn't download all the pictures of Macy trying to cross her eyes. 

And the next stop--Claire's at Zona Rosa for ear piercing!!! What, you say? You thought Macy already had her ears pierced? You might be right. Read this post about the Saga of the Earrings. They are now closed up. So she decided she wanted to get them re-pierced. 

She was very brave...but held my hand in a death grip. 

And the pierced ear... rainbow daisy earrings. (I did say no to the $46 December birthstone earrings.)

Last stop was the ever-popular Justice.

 Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles reading? Justice is THE PLACE for Christmas and birthday presents. 

Anyway, we went to get her back-to-school outfit. I don't spend lots of money buying all new clothes for school because I think that's silly (in my personal opinion) but I do let them pick them out a new outfit. So in honor of Mommy Day with Macy, I let her try on tons of clothes and decide what she wanted (after two trips to the fitting room). Everything in the store happened to be 40%, which was wonderful. 

I didn't take any pictures in Justice. I was too busy carrying armfuls of clothes to the fitting room, in between talking to the entire town of Kearney that was in Justice, it seemed. But she did pick out an outfit (not my first choice, but again, it's HER decision, not mine, and I didn't say a word trying to make her pick out something else) and since I am such a cool mother (cough 40% off cough) she also got a Justin Bieber t-shirt. 

I love my Macy. What a sweet, wonderful child she is. 

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Sarah said...

I admit to being a sucker for the Justice store...but only with a coupon! :) BTW don't let Tess know Macy got her ears pierced. I don't need that kind of guilt.