Friday, July 31, 2009

Mommy Day with Macy

Jon and Kate plus 8 gave me the idea of taking each girl somewhere special for a "Mommy Day". While we don't have 8 kids, it is difficult to give each girl the attention they deserve. When I broached the subject with the girls, they were pretty pumped.

Macy was first, because she is the oldest--of course, since everything has to have a reason.

Our day started at the dentist, where they put sealants on her back molars to avoid getting cavities. The whole procedure took about 20 minutes, and she watched part of of High School Musical 2. I read a current People magazine in the lobby, and they brought her out with smiles galore. Glad she still likes the dentist, because I HATE going.

For weeks, she talked about going to Panera for soup on her Mommy Day. As we walked out of the dentist office, she decided to go to McDonalds so she could get a toy. Since I tried really hard to say lots of yes's on Mommy Day (with reason), I agreed, although I really wanted Panera.

I gave her lots of options as to what we could, and she wanted to go to Worlds of Fun to ride all the big rides, and not "the baby ones with Kaylin". Usually when we go to WOF, Bobby rides with Macy and I end up with Kaylin. So while WOF isn't that special for her, riding with me and doing whatever she wanted was special.

Here we are in the car, about to go in.

Macy in line for the TimberWolf. This was a big sacrifice for me, because I am not fond of the TimberWolf. This was the longest line we had to wait in also.

The two of us in the backseat of the Prowler. Now that is a ride I can ride again and again! The line was really short, so after we rode in the back, we raced around to the front and rode again in the front side. I LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED the front seat of the Prowler! It was sweet.

The two of us on the Octopus...

And on the Viking Voyager...

Here we are in the parking lot going home, after riding only the big rides several times. I let her pick what order we did things, and said yes even if it meant walking across the park and back again. I even wasted $5 on a game I knew she wouldn't win, and bought her a little Worlds of Fun bear on a clearance rack.

We really had a fun day! I tried hard to make her feel special by letting her choose what we did, even if it meant walking from the Mamba to the Timberwolf over to the Prower. So many times she has to do things to appease Kaylin, and I wanted her to have a special day!

And a friend called to see if we wanted to meet them at WOF after 4 so they could get the Twilight price. I rushed to Mom and Dad's to get Kaylin and back to WOF, where we closed down the park at 10. With a small break for dinner and to get Kaylin, Macy and I spent the entire day at WOF!

I'll tell you what--if you've never taken 4 little girls to Worlds of Fun, you're missing out. Lots of running and screaming and squealing.

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