Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Down to earth

As women, we have days where we feel good about ourselves and days where we feel terrible about ourselves. It might be a special dress that makes us feel fabulous, or maybe our out-of-control hair makes us want to put on a baseball cap and hide from the world.

Bad hair days outside, I've been feeling pretty good about myself the last few weeks. Thanks to my walking/running (which is now more emphasis on running than walking) I've lost about 7 pounds and my clothes feel looser. Always a great thing to keep you motivated in working out.

Until Child #1 opens her mouth.

She was walking behind me at Oceans of Fun today. She steps up next to me, takes my hand, and says,

"Mom, your bottom isn't getting any smaller."

Thank you, Macy for bringing me back down to earth.

And if that wasn't enough, later in what we call the "snakey pool", I had my arms up on the side of the pool. Macy then says,

"Mom, you have hair growing in your armpit."

Thank you, Macy for that! I discreetly checked to make sure I had shaved this morning (I had) and I'm not sure what initiated that statement. But now I was paranoid, and kept my arms down from then on.

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