Thursday, July 9, 2009

Perfect summer day

Perfect Summer Day for a child:

Swim lessons in the morning, Mom and Dad both there to watch.
Lunch at aunt's house with cousin; play in her pool all afternoon
Hot dogs for dinner
Another pool with a babysitter for three hours
Spending all day in your swimsuit!!

Kids are amazing. Simply amazing. Bobby and I can't get Macy to jump into the pool, to go down the slides at Oceans of Fun, nothing. She likes to swim and swims underwater, but freaks out about going down the slides and jumping in. Kaylin will barely jump from the diving board that is a mere six inches off the water at swim lessons. They are progressing in their swimming, though, just won't jump in.

Enter Emily, their favorite babysitter for three years. She's leaving for Drake University in about a month (she got a full ride!) She takes them to her country club pool tonight while Bobby and I go out to eat for our anniversary. She has them for three hours. When we come back, they are jumping from the low and HIGH dive. Unassisted. As in, Emily is standing at the side of the pool talking to us, and they jump in and swim to the side. I never thought I would see the day Macy would jump from the high dive.

She accomplished in no time what Bobby and I would probably never accomplish. We bought ice cream for everyone, including Emily, before we left. Just another example of why I would never home school my children: they do so much with other people than they do with me!!!!!

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