Thursday, July 16, 2009

Swim Lessons!

The girls have just finished two weeks of swim lessons. Both girls made huge strides and improvement.

Kaylin was in Level Two, and due to an error on my part,should have been in Level One. But there were about 15 kids in Level One, so her teacher said she could stay in Level Two because she worked so hard. She was the youngest in her group and was a little goofier than the others, but she really did work hard and try. She is so light--barely 40 pounds at age 5 1/2 that she has a hard time holding her body down in the water to swim. Wish I had that problem!

Macy was in Level Three, and couldn't swim as well as the others in her group, but by the end she was doing great. Last summer she had a cast on her arm during swim lessons and couldn't do the proper arm movement. This year she totally rocked the front crawl (with face full in the water), can do the backstroke (but needs some improvement) and learned the whip kick, dolphin kick, and something other kick. Last night she had a breakdown because she was embarrassed that she couldn't swim as well as the others, but today she did her best on all the tests. I'm very proud of her--she put herself out there and tried her best. That's all I can ask.

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