Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Drug phones

Pardon the dust while I work on my blog. Having some issues. :)

Still in Iowa City, Iowa for a journalism camp. It's been raining for two days, which makes for miserable high school students, which makes for a miserable adviser. Really, they haven't been that bad.

The night we got here, I went for a run while the kids were in class. Beautiful campus, beautiful night to run along the river. Checked the time on my cell phone, and dropped it. It's been broken for a while, but still useable. This drop shattered it in two pieces and made it completly unusable. I was not happy. I am here with 8 high school students who text and call me constantly through the day, and they count on being able to reach me. Not having a phone would not be a good thing.

So Monday morning the yearbook adviser and I walk all over downtown Iowa City trying to find a cheap cell phone that would work with my sim card. Walmart was too far away, and we didn't have a car. It wasn't looking pretty. Finally, we stop at the T-Mobile counter (I use AT&T, which is non-existent in Iowa City) to explain the problem and ask for advice.

First, he tried to fix it but said it wasn't repairable. We talked about options for a while, then he says he has a brand-new cell phone in his truck he was going to sell on e-bay. Once the box has been opened, T-Mobile can't sell them, but the workers can. Pretty lucrative little side-gig. So he tried my SIM card, it worked, and he pocketed $20 from me.

Later, I noticed he had used the phone once or twice. He and somebody named Taylor texted back and forth, and there was a name entry "Love Brad". I call it his drug phone, and therefore my drug phone. :)

I'm ready to go home tomorrow!!!

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