Monday, September 29, 2008

Not Me Monday!

I certainly didn't let the girls stay up an extra half hour past their bedtime just because they were playing so cute together and I didn't want that to end.

I certainly didn't let the dogs clean up the spilled Gatorade off the kitchen floor instead of using a paper towel.

I certainly didn't worry about ruining my brand new spiffy manicure the whole time we were camping.

I certainly did not let my daughters eat Doritos and chocolate doughnuts for breakfast, and I currently didn't drink a Pepsi for breakfast.

I certainly didn't forget to pack clean underwear for the girls when we went camping, so after they got soaked playing in the water, I currently didn't tell them it was a "big adventure" to not wear underwear to bed while we were sleeping in a tent.

I certainly didn't blow my diet big time this weekend.

I certainly didn't make my children buy lunch today just so I wouldn't have to make lunches.

And I CERTAINLY didn't say that I "currently" did these all things. Because that would be pretty stupid for an English teacher to do...

Such a wonderful mother am I...

Head over to McMama's blog at My Charming Kids to see her list and others.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

We survived

Back from our night of camping.

The girls watching the sunset.

Kobe watching the girls.

Let me preface the next two pictures by saying I THOUGHT the girls were playing innocently in the water, looking for seashells. I guess they were looking for seashells--I just didn't realize they were looking in mud. And they did find some.

View of the sunrise from our tent.

Girls doing their best air guitar impression in front of our tent.

Observations of our night:
1. Sometimes I look at my high school kids and wonder how they ended up like they did. I wonder if they had no positive parental influences, or if they just went astray from their upbringing. The family (I use that term loosely) two campsites down really proved that sometimes they just have poor upbringings. They were in the water by our campsite, and thank heavens the girls weren't paying attention to what they were saying. We'll leave it at that. If they hadn't gotten out of the water soon, we were going to move campsites, tent already set up and all. But they did, and they were quieter at their camp. The worst offender of all was a teenage boy, whose parents laughed at his inappropriate behavior and language. I'm so thankful Bobby and I both had wonderful role models, and pray we can be the same for the girls.

2. I love my husband to death, but the man can not build a fire. He makes excuses everytime, but he can not build a fire. (Insert your own firefighter joke here). Let's just say we did not make smores or roast marshmellows.

3. We wondered why the man on the other side of us even bothered to camp. He and his four kids showed up at 6:30. He quickly set up the tent, quickly cooked dinner, yelled at them continusouly to stay out of the water, to help him with something, then they were in their tents, lights out, by 8:30. Then they were packed up and leaving at 8:00 this morning. Why bother?

4. Kobe loves to swim. Must be the lab genes... she also looses some hearing when the water is up to her ears. At least Bobby didn't have to go in after her like he did the last time we took her to the lake.

5. We made a pact to do more camping next summer.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Off to camp...

It's Saturday afternoon, and we're heading off to go camping at Smithville Lake. We've already picked out our spot--right on the lake for the girls to play in the water. We're bringing Kobe too, but not Gabe. He barks too much for public areas. Kobe is calmer, and loves to get in the water.

The girls spent the night last night with friends their ages, Karlee and Halle. I went out for my Ladies Night Out we do once a month (dinner, manicures/pedicures, then dessert; it was fun) and then met Bobby for a late movie. The mom called during the movie to tell me Kaylin was homesick. I talked with her for a few minutes, then called back 15-20 minutes later and she was sound asleep. She said her tummy hurt.

Macy woke up at Karlee's house with her other loose tooth on her tongue. No blood this time.

Kaylin had a soccer game this morning, and did about the same.

Off to camp...should be fun. I'm sure I will have pictures soon! And I've already got stuff ready for Not Me Monday.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Soccer Star she is not...

Kaylin's first soccer game this season was tonight. She loves putting on the shin guards, soccer socks, and cleats--highlight of her day. But a soccer star she is not. Basically she runs around on the field. If she accidently gets too close to the ball, she pulls back and lets someone else kick it. The two times she touched the ball tonight were when the coach had her kick it in. Here's my play-by-play of what I bet she's thinking during the game:
"Maybe if I run around with my arms up in the air, Mom and Dad will think I'm actually playing."

"I've got to keep running! Can't stop!"

"Spinning around in a circle like a windmill is my favorite part of soccer!"

"Wow, I'm tired. We just scored a goal so I'd better sit down and rest so I can keep running away from the ball."

"You mean I have to kick the ball?"

"So glad the game is over. I'm going to bellyflop in the middle of everyone."

She's hilarous to watch. She was like that in the spring too. Hey, at least she's having a good time and getting excercise.

On a side note, many of you know how much I wanted unique names for my children. I tried REALLY hard. Imagine my annoyance tonight when the team Kaylin was playing had not one, not two, but THREE Macy's. Grrrrrr......

And another side note, after throwing numerous fits about not playing soccer, Macy tells me that now she does want to play. Grrrrrr......

Monday, September 22, 2008

Not Me Monday!

McMama at My Charming Kids is hosting a Not Me Monday; you know, basically what you didn't do this past week (but really did). Thought I'd participate today.

I did not take my kids to a parade on Saturday morning without breakfast, and allow them to eat lots of sugary candy instead of a wholesome breakfast.

I did not tell my youngest daughter that the necklace she was looking for was her in closet, knowing full well it wasn't there and that we had lost it, so she'd spend time looking for it. Didn't lie to her at all.

I did not make up details for my non-fiction writing class (you know, non-fiction meaning true) and change things around to sound better. Nope. My paper is 100% true.

I did not give my girls only one bath this entire week.

I did not tell my oldest how much money the Tooth Fairy brought her before she told me, and I did not cover it up by saying I could tell by how thick the dollars were.

I did not create this blog post while I was supposed to be working, or grading papers, or whatever it is I do.

I did not lay my head down on my desk last hour during my plan and take a 4 minute nap until the bell rang.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

No one got it right...


But my mom put it best--what could be more important to a 6-almost-7 year old with a beautiful smile? I guess I could give Mom the 5 free blog points, but that feels like cheating since she knew what was coming.

Macy FINALLY lost her first tooth!! This was a big deal, because all of her friends have lost teeth. In fact, several kindergartners (babies, in Macy's eyes) have lost teeth, and she hadn't. But it finally happened this morning, about 10 minutes before we were to leave for a parade.

It bled, of course, and she started sobbing and crying. It just scared her, because she started crying after it was already out. We had a difficult time finding the tooth on our stairs--teeny little thing, and our stairs haven't exactly been recently vacuumed. I'm thankful Bobby was home to help clean up the blood--she's calmer around him than me--and I'm thankful it happened at home, not at school. I really wanted to be there when it happened!

She showed everyone we saw today, and I know she will at church tomorrow too.

Mom made her a tooth fairy pillow earlier this summer, and we got it out tonight. She was so excited to go to bed, and tucked that pillow under there and went right to sleep. I taped the tooth down a little, to help hold it to the pillow. I just envisioned that tooth falling out, and the tooth fairy having a hard time finding it. :)

Looks like that tooth fairy will need to keep money handy, because the one right next to it is pretty loose too.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Food consumed tonight at deadline night...

48 cans of pop
4 bags of chips
20 apples
77 bottles of water
24 frosted cookies
12 no-bake cookies
5 huge bowls of pasta
2 huge pans of sauce
50 slices of garlic bread
1 pan of chocolate cake
1 pan of tiramsu
2 pans of brownies

Tummyaches: 30

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hands on running...

I took Gabriel for a run last night about 8:45. We had just gotten started when I felt a hand on my head. I jerked around quickly, no one around me. No trees to dangle leaves or spiderwebs on my head. It seriously felt just like someone put a hand on the top of my head, with a medium amount of pressure. It was downright creepy.

Maybe my guardian angel was helping me get a good start.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Rain, rain go away..

Come again another day,
Papa Bobby wants to play in the hay.

There is something so darn peaceful about leaving school on a Friday afternoon with everything on your to-do list crossed off, and a clean desk.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11

We haven't really talked with Macy about what happened on September 11. It wasn't deliberate, just never really thought about it. Tonight Bobby and I were in the kitchen talking, and I mentioned something about the date. Macy came running in, talking about the twin towers, airplanes, and how many people died. She didn't seem to know more than that, but at dinner she drew picture after picture of an American flag, and wrote "I love America" under them. She wore a shirt with an American flag on it to school today.

Just another example of how she is growing up. Subjects that we previously haven't talked about are becoming fair game. We've already talked about smoking, and I have her believing that it is the most disgusting thing ever. I suppose sex and alcohol are next on the plate.

I am glad, however, that she didn't mention anything about firefighters dying in those twin towers. Possibly her teacher didn't mention it, since she knows Bobby's occupation. Or perhaps Macy didn't make the connection. Either way, I'm thankful, as that is a conversation I am not ready to have.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

People reading...

No announcement from Macy yet...stay tuned. Feel free to still make guesses. Only 4 people might win my blog points, but that's okay. The other 25 people who looked at the blog must not care about Macy or be fun people...jk!!

On another note, This Blog is a favorite of mine to check. The lady is from San Francisco, and takes pictures of people around town who are reading. She takes their pictures, and asks questions about what they are reading, or what they like to read.

I like this blog for two reasons:
1. Obviously, I LOVE reading. It's neat to see what other people read. Sometimes I've read the book. sometimes I think it might be something interesting to check out, and sometimes I have absolutely no desire to read the book.
2. I LOVE San Francisco. It's one of my favorite cities. Twice I have taken students to San Fran, and we have explored every little nook and cranny of the downtown area I love looking at the places she finds people, because most of the time I've been there. It brings those trips back to life again.

Monday, September 8, 2008

I see how you are..

All right, I get it. You guys don't comment. 22 people have checked my blog today, and no guesses as to what might happen to Macy. It was a nice idea, to try to get some feedback. I guess I'll just have to tell you...when it happens.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Any guesses?

Expect a big annoucement concerning Macy in the next week or so. Any guesses as to what it may be? 5 Blog points to the person who guesses correctly and with the right date!!

Leave a comment below as to what you think might happen to Macy in the next week or so, and pick a date. Time, too, if you want. :)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Long time no blog

I was startled to realize it'd been several days since I've written anything. Nothing much going on; I guess I was just busy!

The girls have started dance--Macy is taking Tap/Ballet, Jazz and Acro (tumbling). She absolutely threw a fit about not playing soccer and wanting to take acro instead, so we went that route. Kaylin is taking Tap/Ballet, and will be starting soccer later this month.

Bobby has been working with Macy quite a bit on her basketball skills. She'll be playing again this fall, and is very excited. She's pretty good for her age; helps that she is so tall and has a dad that knows what he is talking about helping her. They worked on dribbling the other night.

Nothing exciting at the fire station going on. He worked a bad, bad, bad motorcycle accident where the motorcyclist didn't fare so well. Blog readers, beware of motorcycles. He's worked quite a few that didn't end up well.

School is going along. As I was walking in the halls today, it seemed like we've been back at school forever, not just a few weeks. No really interesting stories to tell.

I'm taking two master's classes this fall. Had some trouble getting the books for one, but all seems resolved now. I'm anxious to be done: the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter!

I've become a PTA mom too. I'm the head of two PTA committees, and have been working hard on that. Meetings are once a month, and are generally pretty long. :(

Bobby's step-nephew and his girlfriend had a baby girl Sunday night, Peyton Dianna. She's still in NICU with some breathing difficulties, but should go home this weekend. I wish them well, but worry about the long, hard road they have ahead: both are 19, no jobs, no stable future to provide for their daughter, and absolutely no idea what they are getting into.

That's all I can think of in the our world this week. Going to the first high school football game tomorrow night with our usual crew--girls are looking forward to that.