Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Nelson!

Saturday loomed ahead with nothing to do. Hanging out at the house was not an option, and I try to avoid Oceans and Worlds on the weekends. Free (or cheap) was important. On a whim, the girls and I headed out to the Nelson Atkins Art Museum. Never having been there, and lived in KC my whole life, i thought I'd impart some culture on the girls.

On the way, I gave the girls the rules: no touching the art, no running, no loud voices, etc. Once there, the friendly man at the info desk gave us the kids highlights. I also realized I left out an important rule: no giggling or pointing at the naked statues, and there were many.

The girls were fabulous! We breezed through the museum, not looking at everything, but just looking at what the girls wanted to. Macy loved the Egyptian exhibit, and Kaylin liked the sculptures. I tend to like modern pieces better, so we checked out the new Bloch building. The girls were mesmerized by a wax statue of a police officer.

We had a wonderful picnic on the lawn of the Nelson, next to one of the famous shuttlecocks. The girls had butter sandwiches and I had pb&j. So fancy!

Of course, we had to shout in the shuttlecock to see if it echoed. It did.

On the front steps...

By one of the other shuttlecocks...

And a few shots of the top...

It was fun! We made it through a museum without the girls breaking anything or causing a ruckus, so I consider it a success--even if we didn't quite appreciate the works of art inside. Macy came home and started hanging up pictures on her "wall of art" in her room!

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