Sunday, August 9, 2009

Rant about back to school shopping

Something I don't understand about school shopping--it's the beginning of August. Why go crazy buying fall/winter school clothes? Especially when those same clothes will be on sale this fall too. It's not like today is the only day they can get them! My kids grow at unpredictable rate, so why would I go crazy buying jeans and sweaters that in four months might not fit them and/or they won't like?

Yesterday I was trying on some things at Target. I could hear a mom and her daughter in one of the fitting rooms, arguing over some jeans. The mom thought they were too tight, the daughter thought they were fine. My thought? Is she wearing them to school next week? Probably not. So in five months who knows how those jeans were going to fit her. I'd rather just wait until October to get jeans to see what size they are then.

And another thing I am not happy about school shopping--I like skirts. Fun and bright colors, patterns, and all that. Apparently, this year, skirts are OUT. I have been to about five stores lately, looking for a cute, fun skirt for the first day of school. Nothing. All I could find was slacks and maxi dresses.

The problem with both slacks and maxi dresses? I am a short person, in case you haven't noticed that lately. Slacks, even purchased in Petite sizes, inevitably have to be hemmed. Since I can't sew, my mom has to hem the slacks. Maxi dresses are so popular right now, but again, I am a short person. I tried one on yesterday, and there was about four inches that just dragged along the ground. And in case you haven't noticed, I am not the most graceful person. It wouldn't be pretty if I had a dress that dragged the ground.

Tomorrow I'm back on the skirt hunt. I scoured the Sunday paper and came up with a few leads on skirts. I'll keep you posted.

FYI--shopping for the girls back to school outfit was so much simpler.

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