Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First day of school 09

Waking up is sooo hard to do...

What a beautiful 2nd grader...ready to take on the world. Ate no breakfast, though, which is normal for first day of school for her, but not normal for the rest of the year. She picked out her outfit and was so proud of herself.

Beautiful kindergartner--very nervous, but trying to hide it. Ate no breakfast, which is very normal for her every day of the year. She also picked out her outfit, and was very excited that I let her wear this shirt with a vest attached, ala 1982.

Sweet sisters... We usually take pictures out on the back deck, but it was raining cats and dogs so we opted for the staircase.

Look at Macy's face--Kaylin was getting too close to her.

Bobby came home, and we headed up to school. Macy did not want to wear a rain jacket for fear it would mess up her outfit. :)

Kaylin at her door--her room number is 101, which is my room number at the high school. She was pretty excited to see that. She loves her kindergarten teacher--her name is Mrs. Hanssen, and she was Kaylin's Sunday School teacher for a while. Very sweet lady!

At this point, Kaylin is still smiling and excited. Summer school helped sooooo much in getting her ready and prepared, and I know she felt more comfortable because of that.

But when we went in, she began to freeze a little. There were only boys in her room, and only boys at her table. That freaked her out a little. We got her to sit down, took a picture, and high-tailed it out of there. Bobby did say his standard line--"Don't eat the glue!" She called me back for a hug, and we slipped out.

Macy has Mrs. Watts, another very nice lady who used to live in Alaska--Macy thought that was pretty cool. All of her close friends are in another class, but once we got in her room, she knew plenty of people. Parker's desk is across from hers, for those of you who know who Parker is, and he is now sporting a mohawk.

Macy with Mrs. Watts

The difference with getting Macy to stay versus with Kaylin was amazing. Even though Macy was nervous, she handled it very well. Here's a blog post aboutMacy's first day of kindergarten

Feels good to be back into a routine. It was nice staying up late, sleeping in, doing nothing all day, but it also nice to get back to a routine.

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