Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Summer, where did you go???

We've just been enjoying the last few days of summer...swimming, hanging out, having fun.

Went to Taco Tuesday yesterday, and while there, had the following conversation:

Me: Leah (one of their babysitters) is going to be on the dance team at KU. Maybe one day you'll be on the dance team for Mizzou.
Macy: (nods vigorously) I can't wait!
Bobby: (very pointed look in my direction) Or maybe she'll be on the basketball team for Mizzou! Wouldn't that be awesome?
Macy: (face drops and she gives him the thumbs down sign) Not awesome.

Sorry Bobby--I don't think you are going to win that battle. Only time will tell.

This morning the girls and I went down to Crown Center to see the Lego exhibit and to Kaleidoscope. As usual, they had a great time. It's so awesome that Kaleidoscope is here, and that it is free.

Did you know that school starts two weeks from today? Where did it go? Seriously?

And just so you know, I stapled my hand today. It hurt really bad, and it still does. I wouldn't recommend it.

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