Saturday, August 8, 2009

Mommy Day with Kaylin

Friday was Mommy Day with Kaylin! Last week was Macy's turn, and of course Kaylin had to do exactly what big sister did--a trip to Worlds. I tried hard to talk her into something else, but no luck. It was much hotter this trip, and we got miserable pretty quickly. The Viking Voyager (log ride) was closed for some reason, and she was disappointed.

Here we are in the parking lot, about to go in: It's 9:50 a.m. and already 82 degrees.

Kaylin driving the taxi cars. I push the gas pedal and she steers.

Both of us in the taxi cars...

Snack time! Cookie and water. We sat under a tree and tiny acorns kept falling on us.

Us in the front seat of the Wacky Worm. We rode it twice! She's tall enough to ride by herself and usually does, but since today was her special day she wanted me to ride with her.

See the sunglasses? Last time you'll see them. They were on my lap during the second Wacky Worm ride, and on the last turn, they fell out to the ground below, never to be seen again. I'll tell ya, that last turn really whips you around.

On the carousel.

Flying Dutchman. I could do without this ride--makes me dizzy. I tried to keep my eyes closed.


Look who we found working at Worlds that day, and look who was thrilled about having his picture taken! Right after this was taken, a call came in that someone passed out and he had to go. Drink water, people, that's all I'm saying!

In the car, ready to leave. It's now 12:45 pm, and 94 degrees.

Checking out herself in the mirror

We stopped at Wendy's before getting Macy from Mom's.

I think with the two Mommy Day posts I have put more pictures of myself on here than in the two years I've been blogging! I will go back to no pictures of myself for a while.

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