Tuesday, August 18, 2009

70 years young

Yesterday was my wonderful father's 70th birthday. The stop was put on the big party we were planning, so instead we took him out to dinner. His choice--Smokehouse BBQ, where I had my first job at age 16. Yum, Yum. Good pick, Dad!

Here we are at dinner, courtesy of our waiter.

And Macy had ahold of the camera. Enough said.

Kaylin's "silly" face

Hannah's "silly" face

Macy's "silly" face

Who said an old dog can't learn new tricks? Dad wanted an iPod for his birthday!

The girls got Dad a pen set that looks like little golf clubs. It's cute.

"Can I write on your head?" Grandpa says

"Why, yes you can!"

Dad truly looked shocked when the waiters and waitresses came out singing, carrying a piece of cheesecake. I don't know if he really was, but he seemed to be!

Grandpa needed (or wanted) some help eating his cheesecake. Two little girls were more than happy to help.

Dad with his lovely two daughters.

Mom and Dad with three of their six grandkids.

The girls playing on the giant pig outside Smokehouse

Mom and Dad...sweet picture

Happy birthday, Dad!

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