Friday, August 21, 2009

Tidbits from the girls first week of school

For two years, Macy has complained of how mean Ana is. She lives around the corner, and has a reputation for not being a nice person amongst parents and kids. She has been told to go home numerous times after messing up the house where she was playing, and once she told a girl her cousin had died while they were at school. Girl was devastated, and it wasn't true. When she was in kindergarten, Macy got off the bus many times in tears because of something Ana had said. Ana has been the source of many conversations about mean girls.

First day of school? Macy hops off the bus and says, "Ana and I are best friends now! She's not going to be mean anymore!"

Oh, boy. It's going to be a long year!

Kaylin hasn't said much about school. She eats and plays with a girl named Kaitlyn, I know that much. But last night when I was reading to her, she showed me the jumping jacks, push ups and sit ups they did during PE. And today she told me she got skittles because she didn't get in trouble. She's starting to remember things to tell us. :)

The first day of school Kaylin says she didn't eat lunch because she had to go to the bathroom, and when she came out, they were throwing away their lunch. Knowing her, she was in there playing. My guess is she will figure out quickly that they won't wait for her.

Macy forgot her lunch at home on Thursday and Bobby had to take it to her.

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