Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Daddy Day!

Tuesday I had to work, so the girls had a "Daddy Day." Rarely do they spend any time with just him, so I think they had a good time. Guess where they wanted to go? You got it. And with no prompting from me at all, they brought along the camera!

No amount of begging or pleading would convince Bobby to write about these pictures, so I offer you the next best thing: Macy narrating.

"We were about to go in to Worlds of Fun."

"Me and Kaylin before we went in, in the parking lot. I went like this (held out arms) and took it."

"Me and Kaylin on the log ride after the big hill. It was so fun riding by ourselves."

"We were about to go on the Scrambler and about to move and it was so much fun. It swirls and it looks like you are going to hit somebody."

"Me and Kaylin on the Wacky Worm. We saw in the Apple on the ground the sunglasses Kaylin lost."

"That's us on the Flying Dutchman. It is awesome!"

"Daddy was pouting because he was a single rider on the Octupus."

"That's us on the Sea Dragon when it was going up on our side. It goes back and forth and it tickles my tummy."

"Daddy was sitting in front of us and we were sitting behind him on the Sea Dragon."

Sounds like they had a fun day on their Daddy Day!

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jennifer said...

Will those kids ever get tired of going to WOF? I like that last picture of Macy - classic pic.