Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hot Air Balloon Festival

Saturday night a friend and I took our kids WAY out south for a hot air balloon festival. It was very crowded, but very cool. It was the 2nd annual one, and it was neat for the kids to see the hot air balloons fly right over the top of us.

Here's my snaggle-toothed beauty. That front tooth is hanging on by a thread, and she can push it over the top of her lip, making her look like she has one tooth.
Love this shot of Macy--she was looking back at her friend.

I won't narrate about the hot air balloons,but let you enjoy the pictures. I took 211. As usual.

For these last two, once it got dark, they had the fire light up the inside of the balloons. It was pretty neat to see, and we could get right up there next to the balloons. It scared the crap out of the 4 kids the first time they turned on the fire, and they took off running and yelling. After that, they calmed down and didn't want to leave! It was after 11 by the time we got home. Love that our kids are so flexible and have ALWAYS been that way.

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