Thursday, November 12, 2009

DC Day Two

From Macy's journal for Thursday, DC Day Two:

We woak up and I slept in very long.We went on a tooer of the Capital and it was boring. Then we got to see the wight hous. We saw the Lencin Mumorel. The stachu is hewmongs! We saw the reflecshin pool. It is longer than I thought.

Yep, that's it in a nutshell. Mom's additions--she really didn't sleep in all that long; 8 o'clock. We toured the Capital, and it was neat and boring at the same time. We got to go in the House gallery, and that was neat. Saw where the State of the Union is read, and lots of other new historical things. It was a long tour, but at least we were out of the rain.

Then we toured most of the monuments. Pretty cool stuff. It was rainy, but I had an umbrella and didn't get soaked like yesterday.

Had a nice night in the hotel getting ready for the convention and just hanging out.

Tomorrow we will go to Arlington. I'm pretty excited about that. Macy is having a good time, even if she has been bored a few times. She has only asked for things a million times, but I expected that. She knew one of the newspaper girls before, and has latched on to her. Several of the other kids have taken her under their wing, and she is loving that.

Off to bed.

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