Saturday, November 14, 2009

Some things Macy's learned on this trip...

A man dressed up with women's clothes is called a tranny.
"Throwing bows" is using your elbows to push your way onto a Metro train
How to negotiate a subway fare station
To let the people off the elevator before you get on
People died during the Holocaust in fireplaces
A hotel full of 6,000 high school students is crowded
When on trips like this, Mom lets you stay up until 11 pm
You sometimes don't eat lunch until 3:30, and dinner until 9:30
How to surf on the Metro
When you stop asking your mom for every little thing, she will buy you things

She has been a serious big-time trooper and a wonderful traveler. Today we left the hotel at 10:00, and we did not stop until 9:30, and she did not complain at all. She has soaked in every action and every word by these high school students, and luckily all of it was clean.

Ready to come home.

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