Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Long day

It's been a long day.

During my planning period, I ran over to the health center to get my "offical" birth certificate. Unfortunately, today was the H1N1 clinic. Madness.

Then during lunch, a student got on my Facebook (because I left it open, my fault) and changed my picture to a big black guy, said I was interested in women, and changed my status to "i get monayyyyy i get papaaaa i get gurlllsss all different flavaaaa." I spent the afternoon fixing her many changes.

Towards the end of the day the fire alarm went off. Something about the pipes breaking in the locker room caused the sprinklers to go off. I have a class of kids with mental disabilties, and getting them outside was difficult, just to turn around and go back in.

After school I had a meeting to discuss ordering furniture for the new high school. I also had been told that we'd know before Christmas if we were going to the new school, and instead I'll know before Thanksgiving. Yikes. That makes me nervous.

Took 4 little girls to the park after school, and they played until it was getting dark. Jesse, I played with them until I got cold and then I sat in the car.

Finally, Macy was extremey snotty to Kaylin all night, and had to eat dinner alone in her room. Then as i was helping her figure out what to wear tomorrow, she said, "Wow, I didn't know Mom's could be so mean." walked out of her room and didn't help her after that.

I'm worn out tonight.

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