Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hard work

Boy, this posting every day is hard work. I don't have anything worthwhile or interesting that to write about since yesterday, and I didn't take any pictures to make it enjoyable for you to read.

I was a little more productive today. But not by much.

Macy is not sick--she had a minor accident on the trampoline yesterday, and she has a gigantic sore/cut on the side of her tongue, making it hurt when she smiles, tries to eat, tries to open her mouth wide, and makes it seem like her ears hurt. But I'm glad I figured all that out before I took her to Urgent Care.

Kaylin is calling her fish "Bluey", but don't hold your breath that the name will stick.

How 'bout them Chiefs today?

One week until MU/KU at Arrowhead!

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