Friday, November 13, 2009

DC Day Three

A lazy morning at the hotel today. Macy and I went to the gym and "worked out"--I couldn't work up too much of a sweat with her there, but it still felt good.

Then some of us headed to Arlington. Saw the graves of JFK, and both brothers Robert and Ted. The kids had to be back by 4 for a contest, so we didn't have time to see the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. We booked it back to the Metro, and at moment we realized we weren't going to make it back. We then headed over to the WWII Memorial  and Washington Monument that we missed the day before.

Best thing of the day: As we were getting ready to cross the street, we start to see motorcycles. And then police cars. Then some standard black cars. Then the armored black car flanked by two big black SUV's, followed by several more standard black cars. Macy flipped out. All the kids were yelling and taking pictures. I called Bobby, no answer. I called my dad, who informed me Obama was in Japan and there was no way it could have been him. But it HAD to be either Michelle or Joe Biden, b/c there is no way anyway else would be escorted like that. There were at least 15 black cars, and it was over in about 10 seconds. It was the coolest thing.

We walked all around the Washington Monument as the sun was going down, then headed down to the WWII Memorial and the reflection pool. Very, very neat. At this point it was just me and 13 kids, instead of all 23. I like a smaller group better.

Dinner was at a local DC hamburger joint called Ollie's Trollies, and it was good. Back to the hotel for some rest.

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