Wednesday, November 11, 2009

DC Day One

We're here...we're exhausted.

Got up at 4. Macy loved the airplane ride. I have some cute pics of her, but that'll have to wait until another day. It was dark when we left, and once in the air, she said the lights looked like a ginourmous christmas tree that fell over. We got to see the sun come up, which was neat. Smooth flight.

Subway ride was next, and she likes those a lot.

Hotel is gorgeous...Macy has been in awe.

She was bored at the Holocaust Museum, but we found things to occupy ourselves, and I think she had a decent time.

We went next to the National Museum of American History. Neat things...Dorothy's shoes from Wizard of Oz, Kermit the Frog, Julia Child's kitchen, Abraham Lincoln's top hat. Macy did say "Why doesn't his hat have a hole in it if he was wearing it when he was shot?"

Hard Rock Cafe dinner for dinner. Our group of 28 stood on chairs and did the YMCA.

I'm mad at the weatherpeople for not forcasting better, and at Hurricane Ida for dropping bucketfuls of rain on DC. Macy and I did not bring proper coats or headgear or an umbrella because it wasn't supposed to rain, and I felt like a drowned rat all day. Tomorrow is not looking much better.

Many stories to share...but a little girl is wanting me to come to bed to snuggle, and I am tired.

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