Sunday, November 15, 2009


Smorgasbord of pictures for you tonight... we are home safe and sound, although it was a bumpy flight.

Macy on her first flight on Wednesday. I love this picture!

The top of the rotunda of the US Capital. I loved the windows at the top, and the story of the painting around the edge.

The Capital...Macy loved looking at this, and would point it out to me wherever we were.

The two of us on the trolley--

Macy at the spot where Martin Luther King made his "I have a Dream speech". Of course, I wondered if this was also the spot where Forrest Gump made his speech and Jenny ran across the water. :)

Macy at the Lincoln Memorial. She loved this part, and we went three times at various trips over the days. The last time we walked to the back to see what was behind him (nothing) and saw that he was covered in cobwebs!

The two of us at the White House. I got chills looking at it! The Christmas tree is up and ready to go, but not decorated.

Waiting for our subway train. She LOVED riding the subway.

Graves at Arlington. What a neat place.

JFK and Jackie's grave. Macy was impressed that the fire never goes out.

Robert Kennedy's grave. A student actually asked who he was. :)

Ted Kennedy's grave. We couldn't get any closer than this.

Washington Monument and the WWII Memorial. It was pitch dark when I took this, but you really can't tell with my flash. :)

Macy at the zoo. It was pretty cool! And she got a free panda bear and a neat water bottle. They also gave me one for Kaylin too!

Surfing on the subway. The lady behind her looks amused, doesn't she?

Laying on the ground looking up at the Washington Monument.

Washington Monument at night, reflecting in the reflection pool. One of my brilliant students: "Oh, that's why it is called the Reflecting Pool." really? You think?

I was disappointed with how most of my pictures turned out.I had my little camera that doesn't zoom well, and coupled with the fact that it was rainy and damp, my pictures didn't turn out well.

Feels good to be home. I'm not ready to swing directly into newspaper deadline and newspaper drama, however. Only 7 days--I can handle that, right??

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