Saturday, January 2, 2010

Something New for 2010

I need a new name for my blog. When I started this back in 2007(wow!), it was on a complete whim and all I could come up with Life with the Higgins Fam. Really creative for an English teacher, I know. The name just stayed. I shortened it to Life with us at some point, but I don't like that either.

I read a lot of other blogs, and they have cool names. Why don't I? For the same reason my newspaper kids don't ask me for help anymore on headlines: I am not good at it.

So I'm offering a contest. Help me come up with something cool, creative, different for a name for my blog. I have nothing to give you, except 50 free points of admiration from me, and a name mention on my blog.  According to my handy statcounter, there are about 25 people a day who visit my blog, sometimes more. Good time to come out of hiding and suggest something!

I'll give you creative people until midnight on Tuesday to give me something.

Oh, and did you notice that today is a palindrome? 01 02 2010

Love it!

Happy New Year!

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