Sunday, January 10, 2010

Back to reality tidbits

After a crazy three-week-long Christmas break, we are all back to school tomorrow (hopefully!). They are fighting bedtime tonight, so the early wake-up call is going to hurt for them.

I updated my blog with some of the blogs I read on a regular basis. Some are friends IRL (in real life, those of you not up on blog slang) and others I have found through various places. A couple of them I have read for just about two years.

Friday night we went out with firefighters on Bobby's shift, along with their wives. We went to a local Japanese steakhouse. I share that with you to tell you that my husband tried shrimp. Granted, the chef flipped a small piece into his mouth and he swallowed it without chewing. But still.

There's a six-year-old birthday coming up this week! Must go shopping for make-up and nail polish soon.

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