Wednesday, January 27, 2010

DUI Girl is Back!!

Many of you remember DUI girl, from this post . She apparently was a hit in the Blog World. Today she added to that infamous legacy.

Vocab word was confront:
Boy says, "I confronted the principal about ISS, so he moved my day to Monday."
My Favorite Girl: "Omigod! I have ISS on Monday too! How fun for us! I can't wait!" Imagine this spoken in true Valley girl dialect.

Vocab word was detrimental, and they were supposed to finish this sentence: "I think _____________ is detrimental to kids."
My Favorite Girl: I think education is detrimental to kids.
Class: Much Laughter
My Favorite Girl: What? Imagine true Valley Girl dialect again.
Boy: Do you even know what detrimental means?
My Favorite Girl: Well, not not really.
Boy: It means harmful. It's right there on the vocab sheet in front of you.
My Favorite Girl: Oh! I didn't know! Well, that doesn't make sense does it!" Starts laughing and falls out of chair.

Such bright students shaping the future of America.**

**Actually, I have many, many bright students who will do great and wonderful things in the world. She is an unfortunate example that is not indictive of everyone.**

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