Monday, January 11, 2010

Like, it's stupid.

On a day like today, it is easiest to start class with a five-minute discussion about what Christmas presents were received, how many times they went sledding, and so forth. I have learned that if you don't, they will have the converstation regardless. It is easiest just to be the leader of that conversation. Thus, the following conversation:

Girl: "So, I was pulled over on New Year's Eve at 3:00 am. "
Me: "Ok, Do I want to know why?"  (Stupid question. I should have just left it alone.)
Girl: "Well, see, I was drinking and so I was weaving all over the road. They pulled me over and since I had  like, alcohol in the car, I was arrested. I think it's stupid."
Me: "Well, I'm sorry you made a bad decision. Why was it stupid?" (Now I had to dig myself out of this hole)
Girl: It's stupid because there shouldn't be a drinking age. Like, anyone should be able to drink anytime they want. And the cops didn't arrest the others in the car even though they were as drunk as I was, just lucky me because I was driving. So I'll be gone Feb. 12th, YEAH! A day off school! while I go to court. I hope they don't take my license away, because that would just bite.
Me: PAUSE.... Thanks, Girl, for sharing that with us. I'm sorry that happened to you. Maybe you will be more careful next time. Did you learn anything?
Girl: Yes...don't get pulled over when drinking and driving.

Such a fun conversation.I was watching the other students during her little speech to gauge their reaction, and they were all looking at her like she had three heads, and shaking their heads. If they had been cheering her on, I would have have handled that differently. I also didn't feel a lecture on underage drinking would have accomplished much.

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