Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snow Day # 2

Finishing Snow Day #2. Here's what I've done today (since I know you are dying to know)

Slept late
Took the kids to our church's gym to run around with friends for a couple hours
Went to Mr. Goodcents for free lunch
Took a nap
Figured out newspaper things
Played with the girls
Made cookies
Cleaned up the kitchen

Snow Days #3 and #4  will probably be similar.

On to my contest--which obviously failed miserably. Maybe it was the lack of a real prize, or maybe you guys just don't love me. Sunday 20 people visited, Monday saw 30 people, Tuesday saw 29, and today has 34.

Winner for most creative goes to my brother--oh, how I love that wacky, crazy brother o' mine. His suggestion?

Sham Wow Higgs Blog Now!

He says, "Sham Wow Higgs Blog is a revolutionary, multi-use cleaning BLOG that holds over 20 times its' weight in liquids."

I think I will just stay with Life With Higgs.

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